shy has always been a fitness fanatic, Ashy states when he was born he came out with an 8 pack drinking a protein shake. Growing up through family difficulties Ashy found liberation through competing in competitive sports including boxing, football and rugby – basically he never sat still. He soon became obsessed with aesthetics or what he likes to call AshThetics led by the example of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zyzz. With these influences Ashy became a Fitness Model, being signed by Maverick Models. Ashy has done shoots for Umbro and My Protein respectively to name a few. Since, Ashy has embedded himself within rich media surrounding body-building and weightlifting. Soon enough Ashy began posting about his training and progression across social media. Over 3 months Ashy gained 2250 followers on Instagram alone. Last year Ashy made his depute on the UKBFF stage making it to the British finals. This year he aims to continue winner trophies and broadening his stage presence!




ophia has always maintained a fitness mentality. Fitness has always been an essential part of her lifestyle, around university time tables and now working life – even if it means running to work! Throughout Sophia’s academic career she was always a team player involved in netball, athletics and cheerleading. Mid-way through University and again last summer Sophia fell ill to supposed IBS. After the second relapse Sophia was diagnosed with IBD. Since then she has become sensitive to a wide range of food products such as gluten, diary and wheat. Nonetheless Sophia has used this opportunity to broaden her knowledge about alternative cooking. Her inquisitive culinary skills are now broadcast across out You tube channel and on the Protein-Pouch website. Since meeting Ashy she has switched from cardio fanatic to weight lifting machine!! Sophia’s next goal is develop her nutritional qualifications and place in her first UKBFF show this May!